Beware of Free Stuff


You have the best intentions, I know this about you already but here is the thing…just because it’s free doesn’t mean you are obligated to take it.

Think about it…

conference pens,

obscure flavored tea samples that are given aways at grocery store openings,

10K t-shirts,

cosmetic freebies with the purchase of a new mascara,

taking something your friend or family is trying to get rid of…

and on and on it goes.

“Look at this! It was free!” Then a month or ten years later, that travel sewing kit still sits as clutter in your closet, because let’s face it, when are you going to repair a button on the road? Never.

Do yourself a favor and say no to begin with.

“Are you sure?” they’ll ask you.


“But it’s free!” they’ll exclaim.

“Thanks, but no thanks,” you’ll say back.

They might give you a weird look but secretly admire your resolve. Just think of it that way and take care of your future self.

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