Automate Exercise

My cutie-patooty son a million years ago (back in the day before digital cameras, so please excuse the red eye)

I’ve mentioned on this blog that I wanted to start exercising in a way that was conducive to my life. Meaning…it had to resemble brushing my teeth, something I would not have to make a decision about, consider, hem and haw over, wonder if today was the day I’d swim or hike or go to yoga or what have you.

I made it as easy on myself as possible. At the beginning of June, I joined the local gym and did the bare minimum. But (I told myself) I had to do the bare minimum five days a week to develop a bonafide, regular, healthy habit.

The point was to

  1. not have to think about it
  2. schedule no more than ½ hour
  3. be easy enough to keep at it regularly and have enough energy to get through the rest of my day

Here is what I’ve been doing every week since the beginning of June:

Monday– 10 minutes elliptical to warm-up, 10 minutes leg weights, 10 minutes abs and stretch

Tuesday– 10 minutes ellipitcal to warm-up, 10 minutes arm weights, 10 minutes abs and stretch

Wednesday– swim 30 minutes at local pool

Thursday– 10 minutes elliptical to warm-up, 10 minutes leg weights, 10 minutes abs and stretch

Friday– 10 minutes ellipitcal to warm-up, 10 minutes arm weights, 10 minutes abs and stretch

Weekend– walk the dog, take a hike or rest

I get up in the morning, have my coffee and a piece of fruit, drop my son off at his high school and go directly to the gym first thing. I like to get it out of the way. If I happen to miss one day, so what, I don’t try to make up anything, I just continue with the MTWThF schedule.

Here is the depressing part…I actually gained weight the first couple of months! And here is the good news… I’m stronger, feel better, sleep more soundly and make healthier food choices. My doctor said that eventually, I’d see the pounds drop off. Regardless, my clothes are fitting better.

The key is to automate it. Even on days I don’t want to go, I don’t think about it too much,  just get dressed in my workout clothes and that’s half the battle right there. I don’t have to wonder what type of exercise, when I will do it, or whether I feel up to it or not. Pretty much it’s like this: Monday? Legs day! Tuesday? Arms day! Wednesday? Swimming! And so on and so forth.

How to you stay motivated to exercise?

Use Sunscreen

Our variety of sunscreen over spring break this year. This post may contain affiliate links.

Okay, I know this sounds obvious but it’s important. It really is.

Use sunscreen. Everyday. Even in the winter.

I keep a pump bottle of it on top my bathroom counter and just apply every morning after a shower. I also keep a GoToob of it in my hand bag. Or you can keep a dedicated bottle in your car.

I prefer the waterproof version as I wash my hands a lot. I will apply it like a hand lotion throughout the day. This particular Banana Boat Sunscreen Sport brand has a little thicker consistency than an emollient hand cream and is actually pretty moisturizing.

I would prefer to purchase just one type of sunscreen but my finicky son can’t stand the white lotion-ey rub on type, especially if his mother is smearing it all over his face like cream cheese on a bagel. He’ll use spray on or face stick and only after much prodding. My daughter wanted her own spray Kiss My Face brand. I bought the Scalp SPF (which was very difficult to find) because I prefer to wear visors instead of hats and was worried about my scalp. It has the consistency of hair spray. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in the sun A LOT like me, watching baseball games all summer. I probably won’t repurchase it.

Okay, I know it’s back to school and all that and this post would’ve been more apt about three months ago but thank you for reading again as I took a break this summer. And inquiring minds want to know,  what type of sunscreen do you prefer?