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Recently, I streamlined my décor by getting rid of two bookshelves: one in our dining room and one in our living room. My family thought I was being extreme, but each bookcase held items that remained relatively ignored; ceramics that our now-teenagers made as preschoolers, leather bound books of classic stories that I thought I would someday read out loud to my family (never happened), candlesticks, photographs, surplus vases (pick one favorite vase and if you need more, use a large mason jar), umpteen cookbooks and field journals.

One of the things I like to do is purchase new moving boxes to store things that I’m not yet ready to let go of, but want to experiment living without. A new moving box is clean, sturdy and label-less so that you can clearly write on it. They sell them at your local hardware store. All of our tchotchkies went into a box, I sold the shelves and leather books on Craigslist, then dropped off the cookbooks and field guides at our used bookstore (if you need a recipe or need to identify a bird, Google it). Not only am I experiencing more time for myself by eliminating a lot of dusting in my cleaning routine, but I no longer feel the emotional burden of by-passing décor that is outdated and overlooked. I want to have more time for exercising and eating healthy meals with my family. Not dusting tchotckies!

Try living with less stuff. Place a maximum of three items per horizontal surface. See how that looks. What décor or furniture can you edit? Give the empty space a week or two to get used to. I’ll bet you’ll love it in the long-run.

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  1. Good idea, I know I am starting get rid of things I no longer use because I do not want the family to have go through the process when I am gone. Do know there will be same items they will have to get rid of as I just can’t part with them yet.
    Thanks for the great ideas.

    1. I have a hard enough time going through my own stuff, let alone someone else’s! I don’t even like helping my kids go through their rooms, although I find it necessary, they don’t seem to be motivated enough on their own. Thanks for your input! xo

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