White Dishes for a Clean Slate

Do you covet seasonal Chrismas dinnerware or have fantasies about inheriting grandma’s hand-me-down-china set? I used to but not anymore. About the time I stopped decorating with seaonal throw pillows, I streamlined our dinnerware to white dishes that can be dressed up or down. I do not have to store a separate set of dishes for special occasions. Everything is dishwasher safe. This makes my life so easy.

Once, on a trip to IKEA, I used their glassware for a soda at the cafeteria and really liked the aesthetic and size. I thought it would make a great all around drinking glass. So when I got home, out went the various sized drinking glasses (juice sized for the kids, iced tea sized for me and pint sized for the hubby- it’s exhausting just writing about it!) and in came these:

GODIS 14 oz. glassware are the size between juice cups and pints. Now, anyone can empty the dishwasher, put the glasses away in the cupboard and done. No longer does anyone have to think about the small cups belonging on the lower shelf, or vice versa, or having a favorite drinking glass because they are all the same. We use them for juice, milk, iced tea, lemonade, water, beer, everything!

Same sized anything makes a beautiful aesthtic. Varying sizes of things can feels overwhelming and haphazard.

Another example: I was always disappointed when the small salad forks were the only clean ones left, because I don’t like the size of them. Who says you need two sized forks? For formal dining? For guests? I am the one living in my home and I wish it to be however I like. I don’t enjoy entertaining, so out they went. Now we only have my favorite sized fork and I love it.

Next, I am going to experiment with only one sized bowl and one sized plate for simplicity. It may be too streamlined but if it doesn’t work, I can always add them back into my life. Usually though, it makes my life so much easier and better.

What kitchen streamlining have you done that makes your life better? Share below!