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Our variety of sunscreen over spring break this year. This post may contain affiliate links.

Okay, I know this sounds obvious but it’s important. It really is.

Use sunscreen. Everyday. Even in the winter.

I keep a pump bottle of it on top my bathroom counter and just apply every morning after a shower. I also keep a GoToob of it in my hand bag. Or you can keep a dedicated bottle in your car.

I prefer the waterproof version as I wash my hands a lot. I will apply it like a hand lotion throughout the day. This particular Banana Boat Sunscreen Sport brand has a little thicker consistency than an emollient hand cream and is actually pretty moisturizing.

I would prefer to purchase just one type of sunscreen but my finicky son can’t stand the white lotion-ey rub on type, especially if his mother is smearing it all over his face like cream cheese on a bagel. He’ll use spray on or face stick and only after much prodding. My daughter wanted her own spray Kiss My Face brand. I bought the Scalp SPF (which was very difficult to find) because I prefer to wear visors instead of hats and was worried about my scalp. It has the consistency of hair spray. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re in the sun A LOT like me, watching baseball games all summer. I probably won’t repurchase it.

Okay, I know it’s back to school and all that and this post would’ve been more apt about three months ago but thank you for reading again as I took a break this summer. And inquiring minds want to know,  what type of sunscreen do you prefer?

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  1. I use Shiseido Urban Environment for my face. I refuse to use any other sunscreen for my face! Anything else is torture. For my skin other than my face, I recently stopped wearing sunscreen because I always get burnt anyway, even when I reapply more than others or even when I’m in the sun for a short time. I got SPF long sleeve shirts. I got them all last winter on sale at REI and on EBay for really cheap, since nobody was thinking about it in the middle of winter. I have one Arc’teryx that is SPF 50 plus a great baselayer in the winter. I have a super thin Columbia one that is really light and is the best white button down shirt ever. It’s honestly see through but still has a high SPF. I have a cardigan from Coolibar that is convenient to throw on over other stuff but I don’t love the fit. JCrew makes rash guards that I use for swimming. In the end, I prefer a physical barrier. Haven’t been burnt once this summer or even gotten red.

    1. Okay, that is awesome. Now talk to me about this Columbia shirt…my experience is that I love the fit of some Columbia button downs, but I’ve had serious problems with pilling under the arms, etc. Probably, I should’ve washed inside out but wasn’t thinking about it. Same with their pants. Although, I’m in desperate need of some hiking pants, so I may try the Saturday Trail Pant anyway. It gets good reviews but longevity!
      I guess I should’ve clarified: for my face I use IT Cosmetic CC cream which is a medium/full coverage lotion/foundation and it never burns my face. I do tend to get red on the chest area and will throw a towel over myself or make certain I’m wearing a crew neck type shirt. Also, I am a fan of an umbrella in the sunshine.

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