Worth It/Not Worth It: Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum

Welcome to my Worth It/Not Worth It series where I give you my unsponsored, unadulterated opinion about certain household products. You’re welcome.

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I abhor vacuuming. Hate it. It’s the chore that takes the longest, is the most cumbersome and as much as I love our dog, makes me question the day I thought it was a good idea to bring her home. The joke in our house is that if you open a can a beans, you’ll find a dog hair in it!

So. Not. Funny.


But my hair tastes so yummy!

Really, with four adult-sized humans living in our home, a dog, a cat and the intense Colorado four-season weather, our floors take a serious beating. The canister gets full to the brim every time and I vacuum twice a week. I have to lug the vacuum up and down three sets of stairs (what’s that? I think I hear the tiny house revolution calling my name!), untangle the cord, plug and unplug it, it’s heavy (I already have a gym membership thank-you-very-much), and before I’m finished, I always fantasize about buying a ticket to the end-of-the-line at the nearest train station.

Drumroll please…



Enter the Shark Navigator Freestyle Cordless Stick Vacuum (SV1106). This baby has changed my life. I’m not even kidding you. Probably saved my marriage and prevents me from giving away my teenagers and pets. This vacuum is so freaking light, I worried it wouldn’t really work. It does, I’m happy to say. It works like a charm.

When I bopped around the house using it for the first time, I turned it off and exclaimed, “I think this vacuum just brought me back from the edge!” My family sat on the couch giving me blank stares. But you know what I mean, don’t you? This makes my life so much better! Totally freaking worth it.

I also bought the Pet Hair Eraser Cordless Hand Vacuum for vacuuming the umpteen million stairs, the couch that the dog likes to sleep on, and the ottoman in the TV room (nacho crumbs begone!). Easy-peasy. I cut my vacuuming time in half with these upgrades. That’s more time to write blog posts, read, or whatever else. And you know my favorite saying around here, better is better. Huzzah! It’s soooo much better!

What household products make your life better? Share below!

p.s. I first learned about the Shark cordless vacuum from More Melody on Youtube. She’s got some great life hacks and I’m a sucka for a good life hack. I just can’t believe I waited so long to buy this.

p.p.s. I will try to remember to give a six or twelve month update, as I need the tools in my life to endure and it would disappoint me greatly if this broke suddenly, but I’ll let you know.

Edit (08/12/17): Not good for intense heavy use. Had to start cleaning it out every week=too much effort. Local vacuum guy said it is for light use only (like say, if you wanted to vacuum the crumbs from your kitchen floor, but not intended for whole house carpet use. I have to agree). Ended up buying the Dyson cordless vacuum on sale (still an exorbitant cost) at Target. This has further reduced my vacuuming time because of it’s brilliant engineering. The caveat? Runs out of battery quickly and canister has to be emptied frequently. However, instead of going outside like I used to, the canister is so small I just empty it over my compositing bin next to the kitchen sink (Did you know you can compost the dirt/dust/lint from your vacuum? You can.). 

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